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The Business Case for Local Cloud Services

Chances are that you are already a consumer of cloud services in your personal and professional domains. From emails to productivity apps, all kinds of software are hosted and run on the...

Why We Built Our Technology Stack on Apache Cloudstack

Summary Apache Cloudstack continues to be the most simplified and efficient Cloud Orchestration platform, with a vibrant user-driven community. The OpenStack Foundation is a...

The Importance of Customer Success in Service Operations

Terms like SLA, TAT, helpdesk, c-SAT are no strangers to the world of enterprise ITSM. While the terms themselves define the existence of a customer-centric process, the abbreviations...

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Beyond IaaS – Designing a Cloud Services Marketplace

For any online business, a well-designed marketplace is central to driving 360-degree customer experience. For organisations that have invested in setting up and operating a cloud...

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The Economics of an In-country Cloud Business

Based on global data from multiple service providers in emerging markets, here are a few impressive figures for you: Cloud business can provide a five year IRR of up to 80-90% With a...

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5 Mantras for Building a Successful Cloud Business

Building a successful cloud business is not easy, and your choice of platform and technologies plays a decisive role in that. Hence we thought that we would put together some critical...

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