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The Economics of an In-country Cloud Business – Understanding Costs, ROI, Opportunities and Your Market.

In our previous post, we discussed the basics and the economics involved in setting up an in-country cloud business. We also talked about the costs, revenues and the long term returns...

Cloud Business : How to Start and Find Your First 20 Enterprise Customers

Introduction Today, the cloud powers all major industries. Both small and large businesses are moving their workloads to the cloud. One of the main reasons for this shift is because it’s...

How We Have Set-up Zabbix for Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Computing has come a long way, and for many enterprises, cloud has become a necessary strategy to grow and scale. The distinct advantages of efficient utilization of resources and...

What is the role of managed cloud services in the digital transformation of enterprises?

Digital transformation is the key to remain competitive. Many enterprises are moving towards this change and are willing to modify their existing systems to adopt cloud strategies and...

Role-based Access Control on Apiculus SP Administration Console

Security is more easily maintained when limiting unnecessary access rather than managing permissions for individual accounts or users. Managing and auditing network access is an essential...

Marketing and Analytics Stack Integration

Understanding user behaviour, behavioural clickstreams, user preferences and similar insights empower the product and marketing decision-making process. It also helps measure and...

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