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How IndiQus enables data centres, ISPs & telcos to run an AWS-like domestic public cloud?

There has been a rising trend across many regions where datacenters,

Regional Public Cloud as a New Business Vertical: Opportunities Vs Risks

Data centres, telecommunication companies, and internet service providers, are a few businesses with rich

VPS or Cloud? How can VPS service providers offer better services to their customers?

With the shift in technology that prioritises remote management, there is a strong emphasis being given to

How can VPS providers switch to offering a full-fledged public cloud experience?

For many businesses, VPS (Virtual Private Server) has been a very appealing option for hosting applications. It has been long recognised as a way to reduce costs and increase operational...

Manage Geographically Separate Regions from a Single Pane of Glass

Cloud service providers in regions in emerging markets often start with a small setup, which is predominantly circled around a single data centre. This helps them test the market and...

The Economics of an In-country Cloud Business – Understanding Costs, ROI, Opportunities and Your Market.

In our previous post, we discussed the basics and the economics involved in setting up an in-country cloud business. We also talked about the costs, revenues and the long term returns...

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