Build a New Profitable Business in 4 Weeks by Launching an In-Country Public Cloud

Data localisation is creating multi-million dollar revenue opportunities for regional ISPs, data centres and telcos. We provide the monetisation and cloud management solutions to build a regional cloud services business.

apiculus® Cloud Management Software

apiculus® is a fully integrated and re-brandable public cloud management software for ISPs, data centres and telcos that combines cloud monetisation, customer lifecycle and infrastructure management into a single pane of glass.

Launch an In-country public cloud

Based on open source

apiculus® solution suite is built on 100% open-source technologies and components, with full support for COTS and other proprietary software.

Single pane of glass

apiculus® offers a fully unified, single SLA-governed managed service for all technical, business and support operations.

Scalable and secure

Robust to the core, apiculus® is secure, always in high availability and can be scaled at any time to meet your customers' growing workloads.
Apiculus® Solutions Overall

apiculus® lets cloud service providers create competitive value by setting up a cloud
business that goes beyond IaaS

The apiculus® Cloud Service Provider Suite

The Complete Business Wrap for Operating an In-Country Public Cloud

apiculus® Billing enables cloud service providers to set up and manage subscription billing and monetise an anything as a service (XaaS) cloud making it a robust cloud billing software.

With our cloud management software, cloud service providers can set up a complete subscription-based, multi-dimensional, multi-service, multi-cloud marketplace for IaaS, SaaS, PaaS
apiculus® lets service providers automate the complete customer journey from onboarding, provisioning, purchases, service management and support operations.
Meter, Rate, Bill, Charge, Capture
  • Track usage, purchases, subscriptions and create automated policies against a service balance.
  • Configure billing cycles, usage tracking, entitlements and quotas to set up subscription models.
  • Generate invoices and billing statements and manage subscriber transactions using integrated payment capture solutions.
  • Set up global and account-level suspension, restriction and termination policies based on delayed invoices, dwindling service balances or approaching credit limits.
Create Value Beyond IaaS
  • Sell and monetise your own, 3rd party, or multi-cloud services and resources from a unified marketplace.
  • Define catalogues and create differentiated prices based on currencies, geographies, or all the way to differentiation at an individual customer level.
  • Enable your subscriber customers to manage their subscriptions, services and support from a single pane of glass. Get a 360-degree view on infrastructure, customer and marketplace health and intelligence.
Customer Lifecycle Management, End to End
  • Set up do-it-yourself or do-it-for-me processes for signup and onboarding, provisioning and purchases.
  • View complete customer profile, subscription and activity records and engage at all the pre-sales, sales and post-sales touchpoints with your customers.
  • Manage your service level agreements and execute support workflows with apiculus® operations management features.
  • Configure system alerts to work as real time notifications with Slack or Flock to avoid ICYMI situations.
Customer delight –
IT and Business, Unified
For your customers, the apiculus® subscriber console gives a detailed peek into their account and cloud health. All the important information and communication is available right there, on the apiculus® subscriber console.
A Personalised Cloud
apiculus® ships with built-in multi-lingual support and internationalisation so that your customers can work with their cloud in native languages. apiculus® is also 100% rebrandable, which means your customers see your brand at the centre.
A True 360-degree Experience
The apiculus® subscriber console offers a unified marketplace for your customers to subscribe to compute, storage, network and value-added services. apiculus® also lets your customers raise support tickets from within the subscriber console.

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