At IndiQus, we’re building a 100% fun and performance-centric work culture with a strong sense of belonging, ownership and camaraderie in the team. If solving complex infrastructural challenges in the most intuitive way excites you, you’ve come to the right place.

Stability, Quality, Performance, Fun
We are one of the fastest growing cloud computing startups with strong revenues and marquee customers. Our platform, apiculus, is used by some of the leading telecom companies in the the world to run their cloud computing environments and offer cloud services to their customers. While based in India, we are a truly global company and work with customers and partners across Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas.

Run by industry veterans, we offer a stable and high-quality work environment to all our team members and ensure that their interests are well taken care of. Our current employees as well as our alumni on Glassdoor agree with our employee-centric approach.

LIFE IN 2020
Working With COVID

Covid had taught us that an office is not as important as we thought and a person is actually more productive working from home as there is no time and energy wasted on commute. Hence, we have now transitioned to a 100% remote work company with our team being spread across 15+ cities and towns of India. We are looking for team members who would be comfortable working remotely in the long term also. That we are hiring aggressively during these times, shows the strength of our product and business.

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