Mumbai, India

500+ Virtual Machines

Key Challenges & Drivers

  • India is a mature public cloud market & highly competitive
  • Global hyperscalers AWS, GCP & Microsoft Azure have availability regions in India
  • Fully self-served and automated platform
  • Deep integration with business systems
  • Large portfolio of sellable services
  • Completely managed cloud


The customer wanted to design the cloud architecture that was scalable, offered 100% automation, flexibility of open-source components and that could be integrated with a wide range of business systems too. The goal was to make the platform extremely cost effective and to deliver the best ROI to compete effectively.


In just under 8 months, the customer has scaled their cloud business to 3x and are delighting their customers with an online digital marketplace with 100% automation, self-provisioning and many other unique features.

  1. 300+ Enterprise and SMB Customers
  2. 200% Quarter-on-Quarter Revenue Growth
  3. 500+ Customer VM Workloads


To accommodate the diverse customer’s requirements, we took a different approach to enable the customer to comfortably compete in an already established cloud market. 

  • The entire cloud set up is built on open-source technologies
  • The entire cloud setup is delivered in a managed services model eliminating the need to invest in a large in-house cloud operations team 
  • Self-serviced & automated using the apiculus cloud management platform
  • Deep integration with their existing CRM systems to enable 100% automation of these business processes too

IndiQus continues to support the entire infrastructure with a 99.99% uptime and continuous delivery of technical, financial and operational use cases via apiculus.

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