Broad Network Access

Broad network access is one of the five fundamental principles of cloud computing. It describes that computing resources that are hosted on several datacenters across the globe can be accessed from any location on a diverse range of devices, such as computers, tablets, mobiles or other devices. Although broad network access is often associated with the public cloud model, resource accessibility is just as important in private clouds also. 

Points to Remember

  • A private cloud operates behind the secure firewall of an enterprise. As a result, it may have limited accessibility. However, an enterprise may need to provide access to employees using multiple types of devices. In such cases, broad network access can implementation require to take additional authentication and authorization measures into consideration.
  • Broad network access implementation in a cloud environment can be a concerning issue for an enterprise. Since it increases the availability and eases the accessibility of cloud services, Enterprises often implement truly private cloud environments to prevent any outside entity from accessing the critical data and information.