Chef is an open-source configuration management platform. It is a powerful animation tool that transforms infrastructure into code. Instead of manual processes, it allows infrastructure management simply by writing code. Chef can automate infrastructure configuration, application deployment, and network management ensuring that all systems are configured consistently and correctly. Chef uses a pure-Ruby, domain-specific language (DSL) for writing system configuration called recipes.

Points to Remember

  • The Chef platform is meant for IT professionals and developers, enabling them to effortlessly deploy and manage applications on IT infrastructure. It streamlines the overall process of configuring and maintaining the servers of an enterprise.
  • Chef is able to manage different types of nodes that may include cloud virtual machines, servers, containers, and network devices. It can also manage Windows, Linux, mainframe and other systems.
  • The chef can be integrated with several cloud-based platforms such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack, Internap, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, SoftLayer and Rackspace.