Cloud Automation

Cloud Automation refers to software-based tools and solutions used by enterprises to automate the process of provisioning and managing cloud computing services. It can be considered as the first key step towards building a cloud computing infrastructure. The primary goal of cloud automation is to make the installation, configuration, and management of cloud computing services faster and smoother, by mitigating the complexities associated with the process of cloud computing orchestration. Cloud automation can be applied to public, private and hybrid cloud computing infrastructures. 

Points to Remember

  • Cloud automation is generally achieved by using virtual machine templates and various automation tools that are specifically designed for only this purpose. These tools ensure that all the functions are being performed optimally and efficiently.
  • Cloud automation is an ideal option for organisations with extremely large and complex cloud computing infrastructures. It reduces the need for manual efforts in workload management that as a result helps in lesser manual errors that may occur due to excessive workloads and complexity.