Cloud Brokerage

Cloud Brokerage, Cloud Broker or Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB) is a role performed by an entity that provides intermediary services in the cloud business model. A CSB functions as a negotiator between cloud service providers and cloud service consumers. The task of cloud brokerage may include managing the use, integration and performance of cloud services. 

According to Daryl Plummer, VP and Gartner Fellow, Forbes: “A cloud services brokerage is a third party company that adds value to cloud services on behalf of cloud service consumers.”

Points to Remember

  • A Cloud Services Brokerage perform three key roles:
    • Aggregation Brokerage 
    • Integration Brokerage
    • Customisation Brokerage
  • Cloud brokerage provide Integration between several cloud offerings. As a result, consumers have access to better opportunities for cloud portability; thus, reducing dependency on a specific cloud vendor.
  • Due to continuous advancement and evolution of cloud computing, the integration of cloud services has become extremely complex. In the present scenario, a CSB can be an ideal solution to ease the workload and manage cloud services efficiently.