Cloud Computing Maturity Model

Cloud Computing Maturity Model or CCMM is a model created for managing the allocation of cloud computing services. CCMM is designed to assist business executives and leaders in making progress while providing cloud hosting services to their clients. It compares and benchmarks cloud services and analyses the success rate and consistency in realising service goals. Another important aspect of Cloud Computing Maturity Model is to elaborate on actual ways of cloud services delivery in addition to events or controls that can assist in automating services.  

Points to Remember

  • The CMMM is essentially a maturity grid designed for cloud hosting providers. This means that similar to other maturity grid models, it is also expressed in rows and columns.
  • The CCMM is considered a unified approach towards IT-as-a-Service (IaaS) by many experts. It goes through multiple stages, and every new stage offers improved practices for managing and automating cloud services.
  • The CCMM is a useful tool for focused discussions and setting up a roadmap for future events.