Cloud Management Platform

A Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is a suite of software-based solutions and tools to control and monitor the cloud computing products and services across one or multiple cloud infrastructures including both public and on-premise cloud environments. The primary goal of CMPs is to provide management capabilities and aid consumers in managing the deployment and operation of applications and services disregard of cloud infrastructure types. CMPs handle a range of tasks like cloud services monitoring & metering, provisioning, automation & orchestration, cloud cost optimisation, cloud security etc.   

Points to Remember

  • Cloud management platforms are commonly offered by third-party vendors. However, some CMPs are open-source and free to use.
  • Although CMPs can manage cloud-based services and applications in both private and public cloud infrastructures, they are most commonly sought in hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.


apiculus®, Wrike, OnApp, Jamcracker and ServiceNow Cloud Management are a few examples of Cloud management platforms.