Cloud Management

Cloud management refers to the degree of control over aspects of a cloud environment. It involves monitoring, analysing, evaluating and optimising cloud services to obtain your desired level of performance and efficiency. The primary goal here is to ensure that all cloud-based services and applications run optimally and are adequately configured to interact with the end-user. A cloud management platform is a combination of both software and technologies used for managing cloud infrastructures. It is considered ideal if it has these capabilities:

  • Integration and support for multiple cloud environments.
  • Automation
  • Cost-effective the
  • Easily accessible
  • Manage all aspects of a cloud infrastructure

Points to Remember

  • Cloud management strategies generally consist of functions associated with establishing standard security controls, performance monitoring, supervising recovery and contingency preparations and auditing decisions.
  • Several specialised tools are available for cloud management that offers consistent functionality across different cloud infrastructures. However, it is also important to use only those tools that align with cloud the management strategies of an organisation.