Cloud Marketplace

A cloud marketplace is an online website or portal used by cloud service providers as a storefront for showcasing and selling their cloud-based product and services. A cloud market typically lists multiple cloud computing services and offers a comprehensive comparison between different services. Most cloud marketplaces are operated by service providers themselves; however, some cloud marketplaces are run by third-party operators and are equally popular. Over time, cloud marketplaces have become an integral part of the cloud computing ecosystem. Cloud marketplaces bring several competing service providers together at one place and exposing them to their potential consumers.

Points to Remember

  • Cloud Marketplaces are a cost-effective solution for service providers to increase their revenue stream and add value to their business. This is possible due to the exposure they get on cloud marketplaces.
  • In addition to aggregating cloud services, a cloud marketplace may also offer a trading exchange, ordering, wanted advertisement, catalogues, trading exchange functionalities.


Some popular examples of cloud marketplaces are Amazon Web Services marketplace, Microsoft Azure marketplace, and Oracle marketplace.