Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is the process of partially or completely transferring an organisation’s data, services, applications, IT resources and other digital components to a cloud environment from on-premise infrastructure. If an organisation chooses to only partially move its digital assets to a cloud, it’s called hybrid migration. Once migrated, all data and services can be accessed on-demand behind a secure cloud firewall.

Points to Remember

  • In today’s digital era, cloud migration proves to be the ideal solution and motivation for organisations to adopt a cloud-based infrastructure. It provides many advantages over its traditional on-site solutions, such as speed, operational efficiency, security, availability, and more.
  • Although it has many benefits, cloud migration is a critical process and should be done only after a thorough planning and analysis organisation’s goals and compatibility of the cloud solution with those requirements.


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform are among some popular cloud providers that offer cloud migration services.