Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation refers to the process of modifying the existing IT infrastructure of an organisation to migrate it to a cloud environment from an on-premise solution. It requires an organisation to undergo numerous changes – at technological, organisational, and even cultural levels. The entire process of cloud transformation involves re-architecting the company’s current software, applications, servers, networking infrastructure and data storage solutions, enabling them to adopt a potential cloud computing environment. Several companies and entities provide cloud transformation services to make the entire process cost-effective and seamless.

Points to Remember

  • Although both cloud migration and cloud transformation are interconnected, both processes should not be considered similar in nature. Cloud migration helps to move the current infrastructure to a cloud computing infrastructure. Whereas, cloud transformation modifies existing infrastructure.
  • Cloud transformation provides numerous benefits in the long-run such as scalability, reliability, security and better performance. However, it is a critical step towards adopting cloud computing and should be given sufficient planning, preparations and analysis of all important aspects, especially financial and technological sectors of a company’s IT environment.