Cloud Washing

The term cloud washing refers to the deceptive marketing approach in which traditional or old applications are passed as cloud-native by the vendor. The term is a result of the increased popularity of cloud computing solutions. To gain from this popularity, vendors often purposefully and deceptively rebrand their old products and services by labelling the buzzword “cloud” to them. The cloud washing practice is commonly seen in products that require internet connectivity to operate, and vendors justify these products as cloud-native by associating them to the cloud. However, a truly cloud-based service resides and operates with a cloud, and require Internet only as a means to access them.

Points to Remember

  • Cloud washing is often compared to greenwashing, products and services are rebranded or passed as environment-friendly. Both the terms involve applying a thin layer of deceptive marketing labels to the products.
  • Consumers can avoid cloud washing by making verifying users are running the same version of the app from the vendor. Consumers should also avoid applications that require purchasing an additional cloud server to run the application.