Compliance, more commonly known as cloud compliance in the cloud industry, refers to adhering to standards, laws and regulations governing the cloud industry. Cloud compliance is one of the major challenges faced by cloud consumers when adopting the cloud computing environment. It has become an essential task to research cloud solutions to ensure they meet standard norms and regulations before embracing them. For example, all cloud users may need to be aware of locations in the data centres where data is may be stored, the laws and regulations that are imposed, and its implications.

Points to Remember

  • With the ongoing evolution of cloud computing, the regulations are getting increasingly complex. Cloud compliance has thus become a challenge for potential cloud consumers.
  • There are different types of cloud services and different laws that apply to them, and it can get strenuous to comply with the laws while keeping the organisation’s goals in mind. Many Cloud Services Brokers (CSB) have started providing assistance and guidance for cloud compliance.
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