Data Migration

Data migration refers to the process of moving data or information from one storage infrastructure to another. However, it is a complex process and may include several different phases, such as data selection, preparation, extraction, data transformation and finally transfer of the data. These various phases are automated as much as possible. Data migration is a critical aspect of any system implementation, upgrade, or consolidation. Data migration is categorised into four categories:


  • Storage migration
  • Application migration


Points to Remember

  • There can be a number of reasons behind the data migration. Most common reasons are upgrading, maintenance, and replacement of server or storage components, data centre relocation, disaster recovery, corporate mergers, website consolidation, and migration of organisation’s IT infrastructure to a cloud or from one cloud to another.
  • In cloud computing, data migration and cloud migration are often mixed. As the name implies, data migration only deals with the data and information whereas cloud migration involves migration of much more besides data, such as services, applications, IT resources and digital components.