A datacenter is a physical location dedicated for housing computers, servers, storage solutions, networking components and other elements of an organisation’s infrastructure. A datacenter can essentially be considered the backbone of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure, making it a central point for critical and day-to-day functions of its parent enterprise. In addition to IT components, a datacenter may also include an infrastructure of various supporting systems such as redundant or backup components, power supply infrastructure, security components and air conditioning & fire suppression systems. 

Points to Remember

  • There are four tiers defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)’s ANSI/TIA-942 “Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Datacenters.” 
  • Each subsequent tier of data centres offers better security, resilience and security over the previous tier.
  • Energy consumption is one of the major issues faced in data centres. Now, green data centres are being designed with energy-efficient technologies and strategies as a solution to energy consumption issues.