Elastic Cloud

Elastic Cloud, also known as Elastic Cloud Service (ECS), is a cloud solution that offers flexible cloud services for different needs in a changing cloud computing environment. ECS follows a flexible approach of cloud offering that ensures that cloud services can be scaled up or down as per the customer’s requirements. Elastic Cloud is an alternative to traditional cloud storage solutions and features more security compared to its traditional counterparts. 

Points to Remember

  • ECS data stacks can different types of data such as videos, text, or other data that has not been modified. The data is stored on-premise using a magnetic field that cannot be read if taken out of an on-site datacenter.
  • ECS is able to communicate most common protocols like EMC, Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service), Swift, HDFS (Hadoop Distributed Files System), OpenStack, NFS and Atmos. 
  • Speed is one of the key features of ECS. It has the ability to billions of files in less than an hour.