Hybrid Cloud

A Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment that combines both private cloud and public cloud service models in a single integrated cloud service offering. It aims to offer all benefits of public and private cloud services for seamless integration of native IT infrastructure of enterprises with a public cloud environment. A hybrid cloud solution can allow enterprises to attain a higher degree of flexibility. It enables enterprises to keep their critical applications and data safe in an on-premise environment and allows them to use public cloud services for scaling their IT infrastructure up as the need arises.

Points to Remember

  • A hybrid cloud solution is especially beneficial for enterprises with highly fluctuating workloads. Such organisations can easily increase their computing and storage efficiencies with a hybrid cloud solution during workload spikes.
  • While hybrid cloud solutions feature many benefits, they also present some challenges. One of these challenges is ensuring the compatibility of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure with the infrastructure of public cloud service.
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