Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is the field of scientific study that enables a software application to automatically learn and improve from gained experience without needing to be explicitly programmed. ML involves various algorithms and statistical models that increase an application’s ability to become progressively accurate in giving the desired output. Machine learning is an important part of artificial intelligence (AI). The primary objective of machine learning is to reduce human involvement while allowing computers and application to improve and adjust as they continue to learn.

Points to Remember

  • The process of machine learning is similar to that of computational statistics and data mining, as both these processes involve data collection and data analysis to find patterns.
  • Machine learning may use different types of algorithms depending on the circumstances. Most common of these algorithms are Decision trees, neural networks and K-means clustering.
  • In modern times, machine learning is used in several areas and industries. It is most notably used for personalising the users’ experience as they interact with the products.