Managed Service

Managed IT services or simply called managed services are IT functions and tasks of a business that are outsourced to a third-party contractor. These contractors are usually called managed services providers (MSP). Managed IT services are considered to be an alternative approach to service outsourcing models such as break/fix or on-demand outsourcing models where the contractor provides on-demand services, and the customer only pays for the work done. However, in the managed service model, an MSP is responsible for overseeing the functionalities and performance of the IT service and components and bills customer usually on a monthly basis.

Points to Remember

  • There are several different types of services an MSP can provide. However, the primary goal of all offerings is to give customers benefits like predictable pricing and enabling to focus on core business functions instead of handling IT tasks.
  • Managed services have become a highly competitive field of service outsourcing. These services often include remote monitoring, management and securing different devices and components in an IT infrastructure. As a result, MSPs may differentiate their services through subscriptions.