Network Operations Centre

A network operations centre (NOC) is a location that is used as a central hub by information technology (IT) technicians and network administrators for remotely monitoring, controlling or managing one or more networks. The primary objective of a NOC is to ensure all network operations are performed optimally across a wide range of different platforms, communications channels and mediums. NOC can be considered a focal point for providing several network-based support services such as software distribution, software updates, performance monitoring, error detection, troubleshooting, establishing coordination among affiliate networks and update routers and domain name management. 

Points to Remember

  • A network operations centre is typically implemented by enterprises, public utilities, government agencies, large network service providers or even universities. These entities need to monitor complex networking environments and ensure continuous availability of services. 
  • NOCs commonly have a multi-tier structure. It means, if an issue is not solved within a prescribed timeframe, it is then forwarded to the next higher tier for solving. These tiers are divided based on the skills and experience of NOC employees.