On-demand Self-service

On-Demand Self-Service is a delivery model for cloud computing services in which computing resources are provisioned to users as they require them. Under the on-demand self-service provisioning, a customer can access the cloud service through a web portal without needing an administrator or support staff to manually fulfil the service request. The on-demand self-service provisioning is very difficult to implement, but if successfully implemented, It allows cloud providers to focus on more important functions, saving both the time and money.

Points to Remember

  • On-demand self-service makes acquiring the computing resources very easy and faster compared to other cloud provisioning models where users may have to wait for several days and weeks to get their request fulfilled, causing unnecessary delays in business activities. 
  • On-demand self-service requires a highly automated infrastructure in place to entertain users’ demands automatically and quickly. This is generally achieved through virtualisation, allowing all users to share computing resource pools.