In general, the term open-source refers to the software development and distribution approach in which the source code of the software is released to the public. The open-source code is typically released under a public licence, enabling other entities to view, modify, code and release their own version of the software. In cloud computing, an open-source cloud is a cloud computing model where entire cloud infrastructure is built using open-source software and frameworks. Since the open-source cloud takes advantage of freely available software like Openstack, it eliminates the need to buy costly proprietary technologies.

Points to Remember

  • An open-source cloud can offer more customisations and flexibility than other cloud computing models. Developers can easily modify the source code to meet the demands of individual businesses.
  • The ppen-source cloud computing model can be implemented on any type of cloud environment, be it a public, private, or a hybrid cloud. All that matters is that the cloud uses open-source technologies to provide IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.
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