Openstack is a global association of developers and technologies collaborating to develop an open-source cloud computing platform for public and private cloud environments. Openstack primarily provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), allowing customers to use virtual servers and other resources. The Openstack software platform comprises a diverse range of interrelated components used to build and manage cloud infrastructure. It delivers a highly scalable cloud operating system that has access to pools of processing, storage, and networking resources. The Openstack platform was initially started by the Rackspace Hosting and NASA in 2010. However, it is now maintained by a non-profit corporate organisation called Openstack Foundation.

Points to Remember

  • Openstack has a modular architecture, which means it has several different projects and services. There are six core services for handling tasks like computing, networking, storage, identity, and images management. These services are:
    • Nova: Primary computing engine.
    • Neutron: Enables networking capabilities.
    • Swift: A storage system.
    • Cinder: A block storage component.
    • Keystone: Delivers identity services.
    • Glance: Image storage and management solution.