Private Cloud Security

Private cloud security can be described as a collection of tools, technologies, policies and strategies that are implemented into a private cloud environment to ensure that data and information are protected from threats. There are different aspects of cloud security that an enterprise needs to tackle while implementing security measures – such as identity management, physical security, personnel security and data privacy. While the most basic security a private cloud can enjoy is the secured layer of a firewall, an enterprise can implement additional security measures, such as: 

  • identification and access management, 
  • authorization and authentication, 
  • auditing, 
  • separation of cloud functions, 
  • data encryption, etc.

Points to Remember

  • Private cloud environments are often considered more secure compared to public clouds. However, almost all vulnerabilities of a public cloud are also present in a private cloud, though they may be less visible. In reality, Public cloud providers generally have experienced and well-trained workforce and may offer security as good as a private cloud environment.