Private Cloud

A Private Cloud is a type of cloud computing offering customised to specific users, typically a single organisation. It is implemented internally within an organisation under the supervision of an organisation’s own IT infrastructure. As a result, a private cloud is also known as an internal or corporate cloud. A private cloud allows organisations to have a greater degree of control over their cloud environment. This makes the private cloud an ideal option for organisations in which data privacy and security is of utmost importance.

Points to Remember

  • A private cloud is an on-premise cloud computing solution. It operates behind the firewall of an organisation, providing more privacy and security compared to its public counterparts.
  • The term private cloud is often confused and used interchangeably with the term virtual private cloud (VPC). As opposed to a VPC where a private cloud is implemented on the infrastructure of a third-party cloud provider, A private cloud is implemented on the internal infrastructure of an organisation.
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