Puppet is an open-source software that functions as a configuration management platform. It is a powerful automation tool for delivering, operating, inspecting, the infrastructure of an organisation and paving the way for faster application deployment. It facilitates complex tasks of defining configuration per-host and continuous monitoring to see whether all hosts are configured adequately. Puppet is the namesake of the company that owns it. The open-source version is licensed under the Apache 2.0 system and be downloaded from the Puppet Labs website.

Points to Remember

  • Puppet’s architecture is based on the master-slave also called client-server model where the communication between the client and server is facilitated through establishing a secured encrypted channel using SSL.
  • Users are required to install the Puppet agent on every host machine they want to configure. Puppet agents then receive configuration instructions from the server and implement them on host machines.
  • The Puppet configuration management tool is used by many enterprises across the globe such as Google, Red-Hat and Siemens.