Service Management

Service management in cloud computing is a policy-driven process that ensures all IT and cloud computing products and services are adequately planned, designed, delivered and managed to meet the customer requirements. It is a balanced combination of people, strategies, and technologies directed toward improving the way cloud services are delivered to and used by the customers. It ensures that all cloud computing products and services are at their optimum efficiency and have proper interaction with users and other services.  

Points to Remember

  • Cloud service management allows service providers to keep the business aligned with the continually changing demands in a highly fluctuating cloud computing environment.
  • Similar to IT service management (ITSM), cloud service management uses both managerial and technological approaches to attain organisational goals and add value to the business.
  • Cloud service management can be considered a subset of cloud management. However, in contrast to cloud management, which focuses on all aspects of a cloud computing environment, cloud service management revolves around only cloud computing products and services.