Software-defined Networking

Software-defined networking (SDN) is an architectural approach to cloud computing in which a network is managed and programmatically configured. It allows cloud computing and network administrators and engineers to react rapidly to changing business requirements. SDN consists of a diverse range of network technologies that are developed to enable the network to become more flexible and agile towards supporting the modern storage and virtual server infrastructure in datacenters

Points to Remember

  • Implementing Software-defined networking can have many advantages such as on-demand provisioning, streamlined physical infrastructure, automated workload balancing, and allowing the network resources to scaled in accordance with application and data requirements. 
  • In SDN, using a central control console, network engineers or administrators can control and route the traffic to where network services are needed to be using a delivered.
  • Initially, the term SDN was closely used in conjunction with the OpenFlow protocol; however, this came to an end in 2012 due to the emergence of many proprietary techniques similar to the OpenFlow protocol.