Vendor Lock-in

Vendor lock-in is a state in which customers are restricted from migrating to another cloud service provider due to a number of reasons. Typically, in this situation, customers become dependent on a vendor for product and services. Vendor lock-in usually occurs due to the use of proprietary technology that is incompatible with the services provided by other vendors. Furthermore, complexities involved in the cloud migration are often considered a root cause vendor lock-in. And, Customers often prefer to avoid extensive processes and costs incurred in moving their cloud environment to another vendor. 

Points to Remember

  • Vendor lock-in has become a major hurdle in the adoption of cloud services. It may cause a customer to stuck with a specific vendor despite being unsatisfied with the vendor’s services.
  • Vendor lock-in can be implemented by an organisation as a part of their business strategy. In such cases, an organisation develops cloud-based products and services that are platform-dependent with proprietary.