Vertical Cloud

A vertical cloud is a type of cloud computing solution in which cloud computing services are designed to be used by a specific industry or application. A vertical cloud is more suitable for industries that need to entertain certain requirements, such as security, compliance or other factors. The primary aim of a vertical cloud is to ensure that cloud computing solutions are able to fulfil industry-specific demands. The cloud service provider will provide services that are tailored to have specialised functions and features needed to meet the demand and specifications of a vertical market.

Points to Remember

  • Vertical clouds have all the benefits of general cloud computing solutions. However, a vertical cloud is more efficient in serving the vertical with its industry-oriented services.


A vertical cloud providing cloud computing services to a cybersecurity industry will have services and applications that are specially designed to work with cybersecurity solutions. These services and applications may have additional security and surveillance features that would otherwise not be available in general cloud computing solutions.

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