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About LeanEdge

A fully API driven Kubernetes-as-a-service (KaaS) platform for monetising your spare Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) capacities.

LeanEdge runs on top of any (bare metal or Openstack-based) MEC environment and delivers a full-feature, AI-driven KaaS platform that can be used for delivering multiple use cases.

Key Features

Built with K3S

A  CNCF-compliant Kubernetes distribution purpose-built IOT and Edge computing. 

Persistent Storage

Ships with robust support for persistent storage compliant with the Kubernetes Container Storage Interface standard,

Service Mesh

Support for service meshes like Istio, allowing for easy data storage as well as service discovery


Comes with service catalogue, marketplace and Billing (rating and mediation) modules. Can be integrated with native telecom applications also

100% API driven

End-users can consume the platform purely over APIs, and we can also offer a custom UI overlay.


Out-of-the-box multi-tenancy features with complete tenant and workload isolation

Container Management

Native integration with Rancher Kubernetes management stack, ensuring robust RBAC as well as monitoring, logging and DevOps capabilities.

Extensive App Catalog

... of cloud-native applications around content delivery, DevOps and business applications, to provide an easy springboard for end-users to get started.

Open networking

Ships with the capability to inter-connect edge clusters with other Kubernetes clusters running any distribution across all public and private clouds.

Use Cases


Mobile-Edge Computing provides low latency, high bandwidth, device processing and data offload as well as trusted computing and storage, which is heavily leveraged to process data from IoT sensors. It has many avenues of applications like Agri-tech, Smart Cities, Tele-health, Weather forecasting, Autonomous Vehicles, Energy management, Smart logistics, Industrial automation etc.


A strong edge cloud infrastructure enable telcos to build their own micro content delivery network overlay and offer CDN services to content owners who are looking to deliver real-time experience to their users.


OTT providers like Disney+Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. want to cache their content as close to their users as possible. Edge clouds offer the best-fit solution for the same

Gaming & VR

As games get more high-tech and graphics intensive, gaming companies need a low latency, high bandwidth connectivity between gamers and their gaming servers. Moreover, the use of VR/MR/AR in gaming and other applications demand low latency/high bandwidth compute on the edge. Hosting the gaming servers on MEC addresses these issues.

Big Data Analytics

As the demand for Big Data processing continues to scale massively, backhauling all the data (both structured and unstructured) back to cloud data-centres for processing is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. AI/ML engineers now prefer to run a distributed computing infrastructure where they can process the raw data at the edge and deliver rapid results


Blockchain networks currently suffer for delays in transaction processing due to network latency. Edge clouds would create mechanisms for new data flows, server-to-server, and remove the need for data to have to traverse through the core network. This applies extensively in traceability, provenance, supply chain, and financial services verticals.

All above use cases require a robust Kubernetes-as-a-Service Platform

LeanEdge is brought to you by IndiQus

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We are currently undertaking POCs with a number of Telcos and would love to explore running LeanEdge on your MEC platform. Do contact us if you are interested.

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