Here is why it is a perfect fit for every enterprise

Technology stack​

Built using technologies preferred by global telcos.

Easy migration

Analysis and migration services of your VMware workloads.


Setup a cloud at fraction of the cost of operating a VMware at scale.

Single SLA backed​

We are the single point of contact for all your cloud services.

100% on-premise​

Cloud will be set-up on your servers at your location

100% visibility​

Your team will always have complete access and visibility to your VMs.

Go live in 4 weeks​

Shortest turn around for a functional & operational cloud.

Efficient monitoring​

Monitor and manage logs using an intuitive system.

Tailor-made cloud setup​

Architecture will be based as per your use case and workloads.

Train and transfer​

Your team gets complete training before we handover all keys.

Robust. Scalable. Secure.

And Pocket Friendly​

Cloud infrastructure based on Cloudstack coupled with the experience and expertise of IndiQus has scalability that matches any global public cloud and has performance & security that exceeds expensive VMware setups.

Scalability. Security & Robustness of private cloud set-up

  • Data law compliance
  • High-speed bare metal with containers
  • High Visibility & control
  • More control over performance & density

Flexibility & Agility of open source technologies

  • Easy to manage variable workloads
  • OPEX – Pay as you need
  • Flexible environment – No lockin
  • Extremely low latency
  • Low CAPEX



We're trusted by enterprises, telcos and service providers alike.

Simple. Flexible. Bundled.

And User-Centric

For enterprises running a variety of workloads and at scale, the right approach is to have an open source platform that lets you aggregate computing resources required to build a cloud that can be anything from public, private to hybrid cloud setup. Cloudstack is built to offer exactly this without being too complex to build and manage.

Zero complexities

Highly simplified and packaged setup that drastically reduces management overheads

Vendor agnostic

Zero vendor lock-in, allowing for a bespoke, transferable setup.

Capable of massive scalability

Prefered stack for telecom clouds and has real clouds with > 50,000 hosts running.

100% user-driven community

Real user-driven community, ensuring usability over commercial interests. The CloudStack documentation is well structured and one can easily follow it and eventually get answers to their queries.

Orchestration & networking

Cloudstack has built-in orchestration and networking capabilities. Works with the most popular virtualisation platforms. Extremely flexible and easily extendable using plugins.

Trusting IndiQus and its cloud expertise

Single SLA

We offer a 24×7 SLA based managed cloud service for our entire stack and ensure end-to-end uptime of the systems.

Knowledge transfer

IndiQus puts up constant efforts to educate your in-house teams on cloudstack through scheduled training workshops by our experts who are active contributors to the cloudstack community.

Experts of open source

Over the last seven years, we have achieved an extremely high level of proficiency on Apache Cloudstack, having managed massive production setups.


IndiQus supports VM access using a root user password as well as SSH keys, using Cloudstack’s capabilities. Neither of these is, however, stored with us.

24 x7 Support

IndiQus takes care of all your queries about your managed cloudstack 24 by 7 and 365 days. You can focus on your business and let us support your managed cloudstack issues.

Complex Use Cases

We have handled production environments at scales varying from enterprises, telecom clouds, regional public clouds, aviation clouds to the government & BFSI sector,

Domain Expertise

Our team brings together veterans from the cloud,data centre, telecom & internet software technology industries, thus ensuring the right knowledge, tools & advisors.

Your Success First

We believe in technology fostering your business growth – whether it’s about reducing costs of ownership, optimising the technology map, or acquiring new customers.

Managed Cloud Services


Kickstart your transformation to the cloud with a bespoke and modernised strategy, design, roadmap and scale path. Our team of highly qualified cloud and network architects will tailor your cloud to your business priorities.


Our cloud technology stack is a combination of open-source technologies and highly efficient automated processes, that guarantee deployments with minimal timelines, keep your costs of ownership really low and ensure a high degree of flexibility.


The entire public, private or hybrid cloud setup is managed under a single SLA with 24×7 support, thereby ensuring uptimes of 4-nines and eliminating vendor management hassles.