How Cloud Service Providers Can Go Beyond IaaS And Create Competitive Value

Executive Summary

For any online business, a well-designed marketplace is central to driving 360-degree customer experience. For organisations that have invested in setting up and operating a cloud services business, however, it is the nature of the marketplace offerings and their seamless integration into users’ workflows that sets a service provider apart from its competitors.

A modern cloud marketplace is a unique business problem. It has to strike a balance between vertical and horizontal marketplaces. It also needs to find a sweet spot between a listing and a central hub for IT service management. Moreover, since the conception, management and delivery of services all happen online, a cloud marketplace needs to act as a fully contained integration of administrative, billing and technical operations.


  1. Why Think Beyond IaaS
  2. Considerations for Designing a Successful Cloud Services Marketplace
  3. Pillars of a Successful Cloud Marketplace
  4. Integrations – The Magic Sauce
  5. Conclusion

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