Launch an In-country Public Cloud

apiculus® is a fully integrated solution that combines cloud monetisation and infrastructure management with full rebrandability and a 360-degree online customer engagement.

apiculus service provider console

Based on Open-source

apiculus® solution suite is built on 100% open-source technologies and components, with full support for COTS and other proprietary software.

Single Pane of Glass

apiculus® offers a fully unified, single SLA-governed managed service for all technical, business and support operations.

Scalable and Secure

Robust to the core, apiculus® is secure, always in high availability and can be scaled at any time to meet your customers' growing workloads.

apiculus® Solution Overview

apiculus® lets service providers create competitive value by setting up a cloud business that goes beyond IaaS

Product Features

Customer Experience

apiculus® lets you drive a 360-degree online customer engagement starting from lead capture through the customer’s entire lifecycle.


Order to Cash and Beyond

apiculus® comes with support for multiple enterprise-grade workflows. Based on your organisation’s policies, you can choose between self-signup, guided signup or backend-signup for customer onboarding. apiculus® also lets you define automation workflows for account-level restrictions and suspensions.

Infrastructure Monitoring

apiculus® enables you to be in the loop on your infrastructure health, with detailed reports from the underlying orchestration and physical infrastructure systems.


Plan and Scale on Demand

apiculus® offers snapshots and reports on infrastructure and cloud health, licensing and the cloud business backend. The service provider admin console lets you view your cloud capacity realtime and lets you scale based on utilisation, allocation and resource availability.

Business Wrapper

apiculus® ships with a built-in billing engine that acts as a single touchpoint for managing and modelling customer purchases in an ‘as-a-service’ (XaaS) fashion.


Capture Complete Operations

apiculus® also ships with out-of-the-box integrations for ticketing, payments, SMS and email communication. With a complete wrap around cloud business operations, apiculus® lets you capture the customer’s heartbeat and deliver service excellence.

Multi-cloud and Multi-service

The apiculus® marketplace lets you monetise your own, as well as third party stacks, platforms and resources.


Differentiation On Your Fingertips

Set up a multi-cloud multi-service catalogue using the all-flexible apiculus® integration suite. apiculus® lets you capture a wide variety of IT use cases that go beyond just virtual infrastructure. With apiculus® also comes a range of options for distribution and monetisation of XaaS resources.

The Customer Delight

subscriber console

IT and Business, Unified

For your customers, the apiculus® subscriber console gives a detailed peek into their account and cloud health. All the important information and communication is available right there, on the apiculus® subscriber console.

A Personalised Cloud

apiculus® ships with built-in multi-lingual support and internationalisation so that your customers can work with their cloud in native languages. apiculus® is also 100% rebrandable, which means your customers see your brand at the centre.

A True 360-degree Experience

The apiculus® subscriber console offers a unified marketplace for your customers to subscribe to compute, storage, network and value-added services. apiculus® also lets your customers raise support tickets from within the subscriber console.

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