Build a New Profitable Business in 4 Weeks by Launching an In-Country Public Cloud

Data localisation is creating multi-million dollar revenue opportunities for regional ISPs, data centres and telcos. We provide the monetisation and cloud management solutions to build a regional cloud services business.

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Telcos and ISPs are now launching cloud services with minimal investment, with IndiQus

The Cloud Opportunity

Your customers are moving to the cloud and you are best placed to become their cloud provider of choice. Data localisation, latency & local currency billing problems are creating an immense opportunity to build a multi-million dollar in-country public cloud business.

Data Localisation

With the world moving towards strict regulations around data residency, stay 100% compliant with in-country data storage.

Low Latency

Being a local network service provider, deliver significantly lower latencies compared to the global cloud providers.

Native Billing

Bill your customers in your local currency to beat the issues arising out of fluctuations in USD exchange rates.
Introducing apiculus®
A unique solution for cloud service providers in emerging markets

We understand that operating a cloud service is something new and challenging for you. Hence, we built a turnkey SLA-driven public cloud management solution that takes care of all aspects of technology and business and is built for regional cloud service providers, just like you.

cloud monetisation platform

Cloud Monetisation Platform

A top-class cloud service needs a powerful management platform that automates the entire customer lifecycle. With apiculus®, you enjoy an all-in-one cloud monetisation platform, with everything to manage, run and govern your cloud services from a single window. apiculus® is a fully integrated solution with a self-service portal and BSS layer, enabling you to deliver bespoke cloud offerings to your customers. The apiculus® marketplace module also allows you to set up and monetise 3rd party digital service (SaaS, PaaS etc.) from the platform.

Robust Technology Stack

A cloud service also needs a reliable and scalable technology stack, that meets all your customers’ use cases and workload requirements. apiculus® offers a fully integrated stack to meet all these needs. The stack includes softwares providing virtualization, cloud orchestration, monitoring, ticketing and may other services, The stack has been extensively tested and deployed in over 200 clouds globally. We also manage the entire stack as a SLA-based managed service with our 24×7 monitoring and support. This enables you to focus 100% on your business.
robust technology stack
business enablement

Business Enablement

Technology is only a part of the challenge and service providers also need a lot of support on the business aspects of cloud services. Our biggest differentiator is our consulting and IT business solutions, through which we support you with product and go-to-market strategies, sales team enablement and knowledge advisories. We also provide comprehensive pre-sales solutioning support to help you win large and complex cloud deals from your customers.
Turnkey Solution | Single SLA | Complete Business Support
Starting at as low as $3000 per month
Many Success Stories

Learn how our public cloud management solutions are helping telcos & ISPs to capitalise on the opportunity created by data localisation & run a profitable cloud in their geographies.

Launch your cloud business with IndiQus

With minimum upfront investment and a turnaround time of under a month

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