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Multi-cloud – the sweet spot for service providers

Multi-cloud is a cloud computing strategy, which uses multiple clouds and cloud services in a single heterogeneous architecture.

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There has been a rising trend across many regions where datacenters,

Regional Public Cloud as a New Business Vertical: Opportunities Vs Risks

Data centres, telecommunication companies, and internet service providers, are a few businesses with rich

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With the shift in technology that prioritises remote management, there is a strong emphasis being given to

How can VPS providers switch to offering a full-fledged public cloud experience?

For many businesses, VPS (Virtual Private Server) has been a very appealing option for hosting applications. It has been long recognised as a way to reduce costs and increase operational...

How We Have Set-up Zabbix for Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Computing has come a long way, and for many enterprises, cloud has become a necessary strategy to grow and scale. The distinct advantages of efficient utilization of resources and...

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Digital transformation is the key to remain competitive. Many enterprises are moving towards this change and are willing to modify their existing systems to adopt cloud strategies and...

How ISPs and telcos can provide a secure public cloud experience to enterprises

There are a number of drivers for moving to the cloud. The public cloud offers a number of benefits over on-premise virtualisation, including cost savings, faster deployments and better...

What’s beyond offering digital services for telecom and internet service providers?

Domestic Public Cloud Service Opportunity   Communication Service Providers (CSPs) the world over, including telecommunications operators (telcos) and Internet Service Providers...

How To Develop Monetization Strategy For Data Centers Offering IaaS Solutions

Today, cloud is becoming one of the primary locations for businesses to store data, critical workloads and applications. Cloud-based technology has provided a robust solution for software...