What is the role of managed cloud services in the digital transformation of enterprises?

Digital transformation is the key to remain competitive. Many enterprises are moving towards this change and are willing to modify their existing systems to adopt cloud strategies and transit seamlessly into this digital age. Well, cloud is the foundation for this new agile business world because it not only enables businesses to deliver flexible, on-demand access to resources underpinning the new digital business offerings, but also allows them to scale operations as needed to support business priorities, while reducing the risks of wasted IT resources. But, this transformation has its own challenges. Many times, enterprises operate on disjoint sets of components, traditional infrastructure environments and software which places hindrance in the process of cloud adoption. This is exactly where our managed cloud services can help.


Enterprises can no longer afford to be bound by a single platform or technology.  They should be able to drive digital transformation by ensuring that they can scale their workloads, upgrade on the fly and downgrade if need be. We offer enterprises the right technology and services that give them the ability to be more agile and change at will.

High availability

With built in failover mechanisms, cloud setups offer high availability for all the critical workloads and applications. The applications are kept seamlessly running and in the event of failure, or disaster. All components are configured to assure high operational performance.

24*7 support

There’s no staff that works 24*7. With a managed cloud services partner you can work with the experts to monitor, manage, fix and attend to your cloud infrastructure.

Monitoring and alerts

Being proactive rather than reacting to an incident, we continuously monitor all essential components to reduce the overall downtime. We deploy monitoring software so that issues are resolved before they impact your business.

SLA-driven support and consulting

Along with 24×7 SLA driven service, our cloud experts also offer consulting on any configuration, or provide solutions to your organization on a case to case basis.


IndiQus – your trusted managed cloud services partner

Staying on top of the ever-changing technology world, it becomes imperative for enterprises to embrace the cloud and this is exactly where a trusted managed cloud service provider can help in the digital transformation.

We are a fast-growing cloud solutions company that works with enterprises and businesses to offer a 360-degree solution covering software, technical services and business consulting to enable them to accelerate their transition into the cloud space. We also provide complete design, deployment and management of your cloud infrastructure based on Cloudstack. Coupled with experience and expertise, IndiQus offers your on-premise clouds the scalability that matches any global public cloud and has performance & security that exceeds expensive VMware setups.


How exactly can we help?

Cloud – whether on premise or public, when set-up and managed by us, you get the following benefits:

  • We help set-up, configure and transform your existing infrastructure into a reliable, secure and scalable on-premise cloud that is designed and deployed according to your requirements.
  • It helps dramatically reduce the time and effort required to add/rebalance infrastructure resources according to changing demand and conditions. 
  • It also increases agility, reduces costs, impacts customer experiences and provides competitive advantages. 
  • Enterprises can accelerate their cloud adoption (in matter of weeks) and operate their businesses on a more efficient technology model.

If your enterprise is ready to take the leap, our cloud experts will be glad to explore and work with you to set up your cloud infrastructure. Simply drop us an email or talk to our experts.

For more information, visit our page –  Managed Cloud Services.