IndiQus gets selected in HPE Digital Catalyst Program

Indiqus Set-to Accelerate its Growth, Gets Selected Among the Cohort of Eight Start-ups for HPE Digital Catalyst Program


The cloud company based out of New Delhi is set to accelerate its growth across technology, go-to-market and investments through the program.

IndiQus technologies on (Tuesday) received confirmation for getting shortlisted among the cohort of eight enterprise-focused, growth stage start-ups that will be a part of HPE Digital Catalyst Program, an initiative led by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (India) and LetsVenture.

IndiQus, who falls under the DevOps & Edge computing track of the program, is a fast-growing cloud company based out New Delhi. The company primarily works with telcos, data centres & ISPs in emerging markets to enable them to launch and manage a domestic public cloud and the entire cloud customer life cycle.


What is HPE Digital Catalyst Program?

HPE Digital Catalyst program is a start-up program by HPE India team in partnership with LetsVenture. The program is meant for a selected cohort of 8 enterprise-focused, growth-stage startups working in artificial intelligence (AI), DevSecOps, cybersecurity, and the intelligent edge. Startups selected in this program shall receive mentoring by the HPE & LetsVenture teams in three categories; technology, go-to-market & ease of access to investors.

The program is set to commence from 9th November 2020 until mid-February.

“We are really honoured to be selected for this inaugural cohort. There’s a strong synergy between what HPE & IndiQus. We hope to work closely with the HPE leadership team to exploit this opportunity to the fullest.”, says Sunando Bhattacharya, co-founder and CEO IndiQus technologies.

HP Digital Catalyst Program

The initiative is a win-win for everyone associated with the program. The selected start-ups will have unlimited opportunities from various program benefits. For HPE, a technology-giant, it gets access to innovation around enterprise digitization and agility.


Read more about the program here HPE Digital Catalyst Program.


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